Syria next step is a step down in the escalation by Antonio de Martini

LO SCORSO DICEMBRE PREVEDEVO CHE AVREBBERO DOVUTO ” PENSARE L’IMPENSABILE” ovvero un compromesso coi rispettivi nemici. Ora ci siamo. Dopo quanti altri morti?


I receive on a daily basis information from important gentlemen funded by not less important foundations of what is happening at the turkish or Jordan border.
I volunteer to enter In Syria and report some facts and findings I already checked during my trips, thanks to the opportunity to speak with people without interpreters.

1) the minority cartel that is ruling Syria is approximately 30% of the population ( Alawis, Shia , turkomans, Christians of different faiths and minor sects). The remaining 70% of Sunnis is divided between the regime followers ( 50%) and those in favour some sort of change ( 20%).
This 20% minority is divided among ” western democrats” (5%?) and Muslim loyal to Sunni Imams ( 10% probably, most of them flying the war in Jordan, Lebanon ) and a 5% funded by Saudi Arabia showing a salafist, ( rigid and medieval) religiosity.
Roughly, this mosaic…

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